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WINNEN: PONY City Wing Hi,

dope album!
It’s All About Makin’ That GTA ~ Eazy-E
Air Max 90
Air Jordan 4 ‘Toro Bravo’ #airjordan #shelta #run_for_shelta #dope #kicksoftheday ‘I got 99 problems but my kicks ain’t one’
Dope Bracelet! me want!
drop dat burger on me
Yo man, your Jordans GOT FUCKED UP!

My Adidas - RUN DMC

dope superstars!

Levi’s Skateboarding Collection makes one of the best jeans!
Happy Birthday, CARA !
Baby Milo planking.
supa’ beautiful girl, dat BAPE camo!
Hood By Air
Ye, hypebeast be coppin, same ol’ story