Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII “The Divine Task” trailer 
Square Enix has released a new story trailer from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


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Cloud’s ready for Don Corneo’s Mansion *giggle*
Necessary items acquired for this outfit:
Silk Dress, blonde wig, bikini briefs/lingerie, sexy cologne and only thing missing; a diamond tiara.
Damn she’s gorgeous!
Science would’ve been much easier if the original was replaced with this!

Here’s what I’ve got

Sega Master System II + Controller

Wrong AC Adapter MK-1636-18 though it’s for Sega Genesis II (Mega Drive)

My first games for this system to get is Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star.

GameCube Official Original Controller, looks in pristine condition but little filthy and the buttons felt rather unused.

Suprisingly while doing this run. I got me a text from a friend that he urged to send some of his games to me, other words he was simply donating them to me. I accepted his donation. What a Day!

He gave me three awesome games actually.

Final Fantasy IX (Platinum) (PAL) Black Label would been better, but I don’t mind it at all. It’s in mint condition and discs are scratch free.

Syphon Filter (PAL) 

Soul Blade (PAL) I have loose copy of it too.

Oh, who wouldn’t like a girlfriend like this !! 
*I don’t own a Xbox 360, but plz swap it with ps3 versions of those games ;)